Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Make a list - then do it

How many times have you realized that time has slipped by and that great big project is even further down the road from completion than yesterday? Common sense isn't very common and today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday! Make a list of things you are working on and get busy! Mark off what you have completed and move on to the next item. Just don't get too caught up in making lists to the point that all you are doing is making lists.........! LOL

My examples of lists are as follows:

  • Created a list of my favorite songs to play on the acoustic guitar.
  • Listed my favorite jazz tunes to play (Bebop!).
  • Made a list of my guitar serial numbers and saved it in the computer.
  • List of tools I need.
See, it's easy to get carried away! The important part is to start making progress. Why did I post a picture of Duane Allman? Because Duane had the vision and persistence required to get many things done and if he didn't have drive he would have never risen to guitar God status during the short time he graced this planet. Amen brother Allman!

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