Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meet your Maker - Joe Yanuziello.

Follow the journey of a hand built guitar with stringed instrument maker, Joe Yanuziello.
This is a nice video regarding building guitars. Watch and you will see why people are passionate about building guitars!

MEET YOUR MAKER from Asylum Artists on Vimeo.

An Asylum Artists production.​

The Asylum Artists Production Team:

Don Dixon - Director/ Photographer
Chris Reesor - Director/ Editor
Scott McIntyre - DP/Colorist
Shereen Mroueh - Digital Imaging Artist

Many Thanks:

Douglas Blais - Sound Engineer on Pool Jumper
Don Rooke - Yanuziello square neck resophonic guitar
Kevin Breit - Yanuziello round neck resophonic guitar
Linda Manzer, Chris Bennett, Carmen Yanuziello - Commentary

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