Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jeff Beck and Imelda May Band - Rocking San Francisco!

JEFF BECK AND THE IMELDA MAY BAND at the Fillmore San Francisco

This past Saturday I had the extreme privilege to witness some of the finest guitar work and music. This is the second time I've seen Jeff Beck in the Bay Area and I've never been disappointed. Oh no, Mr. Beck raises the bar each time I see him. This time he was here to pay homage to the late great Les Paul. Along with Jeff was the Imelda May band and if you missed them on Jules Holland's show then you are missing out. Ahem, there is a Rockabilly resurgence and it's super cool and Imelda's band is super talented. I am a picky listener and I couldn't find a weak link in the bunch. Just amazing vocals from Ms. May and a tight band. Oh yeah, accompanied by one guitar god Jeff Beck.

The best part, everybody on-stage enjoyed themselves. These people obviously were having fun as they traded 8th, 16th, modulated and any neophyte could see that the band and Jeff were tight and hitting the notes. The show was fun fun fun for the crowd and band alike!

You owe it to yourself to listen to Imelda May band because she is really a force and surprising that the american public hasn't gobbled them up, but then again, America is a weird and fickle listening crowd and all you need to do is remember The Clash, who are now iconoclasts but initially ignored by the American music consumers. Fine, more for me.

For the guitar geeks out there, Jeff played a number of instruments; A Beautiful Reissue 1959 Tiger Stripe Gibson Les Paul, Blond Gibson ES-175, Black Gretsch Jet, White Fender Strat (his name sake), Old Fender Tele were the guitars of choice this evening. His amplifiers were Marshall's and Fender Twins. For a change he did employ some delays for a slap back echo effect but for the better part of the night it was Vintage Jeff Beck tone, void of effects, and he kicked some serious glutenous maxi mus.

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Scott said...

I saw that some people felt that Jeff Beck duped them into a show that wasn't a "normal," Jeff Beck show... The show was posted on the Jeff's site as Iridium Tour. If you have half a brain and know about Les Paul then you would realize that the Iridium was where Les played every Monday night for years. The Iridium tour was a tribute to the late Great Les Paul. The tour included the wonderful Imelda May band.
People need to take responsibility for their own actions but I seriously doubt it will happen as jerks outnumber the good folks. Thank you jerks for giving us the opportunity to realize the difference between self centered narcissists and nice people.
Go here for details -
The San Francisco bay area has some of the smartest people on the planet but on the coat tails of these people are some of the most ignorant people as well.

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