Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gagnon Archtop DeVant 18" guitar

Inspiring craftmanship, even tone, excellent play-ability. That is what a Gagnon Guitar is all about. The bout is 18" across and the neck is wide and fat like a 59 Gibson Les Paul. The only fret marking is a Fleur-de-lis at the 12 fret. This guitar is simple yet complex with a AAA spruce top, highly figured maple back and sides. The guitar is surrounded with exotic wood binding (purfling) with a neck that is a five piece lamination with an ornate heel. The fret board, tail piece, bridge, and finger board is made of ebony. The finish is lacquer nitro.

I exclusively use Thomastik-Infeld medium gauge round wound strings on this guitar. T-I strings are the highest quality strings I've used.

This is a loud guitar when played acoustically and has a full big band style of tone. It will ring loud on top of the most inspired drummers when coupled to the proper amp. A very comfortable guitar indeed.

Please excuse the plants - we are conserving water! LOL


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous guitar - i have two Imperials and they are both incredible. Thomas, Tellico Plains, TN

Scott said...

I have loosened my grip on the Thomastick-Infeld strings due to the fact that handmade string "could" have more imperfections that lead to some light buzzing. I could use flat wound T-i's but I've been favoring a brighter sound lately. Therefore, I have switched to D'Addario (EJ21) nickel wound XL's (12-52). For practice and everyday use I find these to be perfectly sufficient and very economical with an emphasis on economy. This guitar has a larger girth neck that isn't a problem for me. My hands are averaged size but the neck still is comfortable. The tone is warm and even. Thanks!

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