Saturday, July 14, 2012

Playing Guitar Professionally with Audley Freed

Gibson Guitar Corporation produced a nice series featuring Audley Freed speaking about playing guitar for a living. He offers a down to earth synopsis of what it is like to earn a living in this esoteric field that is a virtual minefield of dangers and also a career that could also fulfill dreams.

This 6 part series is worth watching if you might like to work in the entertainment industry as a musician.

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Tone: P90 pickups vs Humbuckers etc...

Part 3 - Amps: Dynamics, placement, ear monitors, wireless guitar, effects

Part 4 - Guitar selection due to tone requirements: fingers vs pick etc...

Part 5 - Riffs and attitude - pentatonic scale with b(flat)5.

Part 6 - Learning others likes and making them your own. Conceptualizing riffs from your repertoire.

Check out Audley Freed who has played with The Cry of Love, The Black Crows, Gov't Mule, New Earth Mud, Joe Perry, Dixie Chicks, Peter Frampton, Gold Mountain Rebels, and Trigger Hippy

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