Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PRS custom 24 (10') top

PRS custom 24 with a 10 top. Nice playing guitar although I don't like the pickup selector. The pickup selector is hard to adjust on the fly and difficult to remember what pickup(s) you are utilizing! There are modification kits, but I like to keep all my guitars in the original configuration. Still, these guitars are very dependable, easy to graph necks, and look beautiful!

If you are looking to modify your PRS wiring system I suggest you review MOJOTONE's wiring kits. Stew-Mac also has kits for PRS SE and others. Or directly from Paul Reed Smith shopping.

Warning: Any time you change parts in a guitar you should save the old parts. Vintage collectors want all original parts. If you are a player and not a collector, saving the parts might be a good idea in case you buy replacements that are not marked with proper part numbers or values.

Pickup selections are listed below!
  • Position 1: Bridge humbucker
  • Position 2: Bridge humbucker with neck singlecoil, in parallel
  • Position 3: Bridge and neck humbuckers
  • Position 4: Neck singlecoil with bridge singlecoil, in parallel
  • Position 5: Neck humbucker
These are pictures of a whale blue Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 "10 top circa 2001.

Being critical, I'd say the finish is tough but the edges are fragile at over the binding. If you chip the binding edge your only recourse is to have it repaired at the factory. This is expensive. Finally, you could have a luthier fill the chip but filling the chip is tedious and requires a lengthy process where cyanocrylate is applied in multiple coats until there enough material for the luthier to sand it down and buff out. Once that is completed the finish will be opaque but hazy. That is the best solution at this time. I prefer nitro!

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