Monday, July 16, 2012

R.I.P Jon Lord of Deep Purple

During my elementary school years I used to listen to my pocket radio at night before I would go to sleep. The pocket radio was cool because it the AM and FM band wave capability and I was easily impressed. My favorite channel was one of the pop channels that one of my buddies suggested and the sound was very cool albeit it had static because it was an AM station. I would listen for my favorite Beatles songs, Creedance Clear water Revival and for some reason - Most of the time I heard "Midnight at the oasis," by Maria Muldower. Nevertheless, one night I heard a song that would forever solidify my love of  classical music inspired rock and roll; I heard the song called "Smoke on the Water," by Deep Purple.

Besides the heavy three chord progression that just about everybody on this planet can hum, there was an inspired organ solo. The man that played that Smoke on the Water organ solo was Jon Lord. Few keyboardist or piano players have played such memorable solo lines. Jon co-wrote most of the Deep Purple material. I am a sucker for songs that tell a story (narrative ballad) and smoke on the water tells a story and had a memorable chord progression accompanied by tasty riffs from all the musicians.

There are songs out there that Jon Lord played on that most people recognize but didn't know that Jon was on the Kink's track - "You really got me," was one such track. Jon Lord had an immense discography that outline a brilliant multifaceted career.

Jon Lord succumbed ultimately to complications from pancreatic cancer. If you never got to see Deep Purple then this sad event should motivate you to get out and see your favorite band when you have the opportunity. If not, stay home and practice your musical instrument!

RIP Jon Lord

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