Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wanda Jackson - The Queen of Rock

Shut up and listen. There's a riot going on and there ain't nothing you can do but run! Fix your hair, grab your money and get out for some rockabilly fun!

There is a woman that has been kicking ass for years. We, the collective of pathetic media minions have missed the bus. If you think all ya'll know what is happening and you don't know about Wanda Jackson then forgetaboutit. Loosa!

Get schooled and if she is in your town - Go and see the band and Wanda. The band is tight as nun's fist clinching a switch and Wanda is the real deal. Just too bad that we had to suffer the 70's, 80's, 90's, and the first decade of Y2K ignoring this Rockabilly dynasty. Elvis knew that Wanda had talent that could overshadow his own, in fact, she is one of the only artists that intimidated him. Indeed, he had a crush on Wanda and it's plain to see why as she is beautiful today even though time in usually unforgiving.

Comb your hair and get out.

"Elvis at one time was madly in love with Wanda Jackson. Marty Robbins, whom I interviewed in the 1960s for WINA Radio at University Hall in Charlottesville, told me: "Elvis told me the only girl that intimidated him because of her beauty, talent and class was Wanda Jackson. He said the only two records he wore out from repeated use were her versions of "Right or Wrong" and "Making Believe." I never fogot that interview with Marty, especially his surprisng comment regarding Wanda Jackson." Rich Haney

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