Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gagnon Archtop DeVant - 17" Guitar

Tremendous archtops from Oregon. Built by Bill Gagnon. This Ice tea color beauty has a 17" inch body. The neck has a gentle "C" shape that is smaller than the 18" also featured on this website. There is ornate 3 piece mother of pearl fret markings that are set into high quality ebony. In addition, this guitar is complex mixture of the finest materials;  a AAA spruce top,  highly figured maple back and sides. The guitar is surrounded with exotic wood binding (purfling) with a neck that is a five piece lamination with an ornate heel. The fret board, tail piece, bridge, and finger board is made of ebony. The finish is lacquer nitro.

Single note phrasing or heavy chordal composition a fair game to this jazz box. Notes ring clearly and even across the board. Strung with medium gauge Thomastik-Infeld strings, this baby is ready to go! Try Thomastik-Infeld strings today!


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